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Keep your FASTURN sets organized and at your fingertips!   Attractive wall mounted  ACRYLIC or  WOOD  holders for hanging your FASTURN sets.
The 9-Hole holds the 6 piece FASTURN set,
  PLUS the 3 piece MINITURN set.
The 12-Hole also holds the 3 piece BLUE TUBES set.

ORDER   FTH-9    9-HOLE WOOD         $17.99
(specify dark or light wood) 
ORDER   FTH-9A   9-HOLE  ACRYLIC   $19.99
ORDER   FTH-12  12 HOLE WOOD        $19.99
(specify dark or light wood) 
ORDER   FTH-12A  12-HOLE  ACRYLIC  $21.99

Universal Presser Foot Lifter

It's NEW, EXCITING and every
Sewing Artist and Quilter's DREAM!  
A Universal Presser Foot Lifter which easily attaches to almost all new or older model sewing machines.  It lifts the presser foot, thereby freeing your hands for control of the fabric while pivoting and adjusting.

Also, this unique and innovative tool provides a non-slip platform for your sewing machine pedal to be positioned right next to the Universal Presser Foot Lifter pedal.   

Available in four versions to fit most machines:


ORDER  UPFL-70 - Fits most sewing machines including older model Viking, Viking#1 and #1+.  It has the Standard Connector Clamp, and a cable long enough to come around the front of the machine and down to the platform, or other positioning options.  Four attachment  brackets (Receivers) are enclosed with each Foot Lifter, usable on at least two machines. 

ORDER  UPFL-70C2 - Same as UPFL-70 except it has a Connector Clamp designed for NEW HOME/JANOME machines.  Also fits ELNA 3005, 3007 and ELNA 6003.

ORDER  UPFL-70C3 - Same as UPFL-70 except it has a Connector Camp designed for VIKING machines with the wide lifter arm, i.e., Sew Easy Series (310, 320, 330 & 350), Lily Series (530, 540 & 550), Rose (500), 400 Series (400N & 400LE) and WHITE 7700 & 5823. 

ORDER  UPFL-70C4 - Same as UPFL-70 except it has a Connector Clamp designed for the SINGER 100 & 1000. 


The new "Slash Cutter" from Clover.
This is the ideal chenille cutter and
cuts straight or curved.

ORDER # CSC      $15.00

Replacement blades also available.

  are here  !

These are ideal for all your sewing machine screws!   The overall length is only 1 1/4", and the handle is 7/8" diameter -  perfect for getting in those cramped spaces, where a long handled screwdriver won't work !

The flathead screwdriver is good for the screw in the throat plate on your sewing machine and the needle screw.  The phillips head screwdriver is handy for all those other screws!

There are 2 sizes of each kind:

Stubby Screwdriver   Flat     3/16"
Stubby Screwdriver   Flat     1/4"
Stubby Screwdriver   Phillips #1
Stubby Screwdriver   Phillips #2


$2.40  EACH

         EZ Bob  - Bobbin Changing Tool  

Another wonderful invention from Gene & Shirley!
Easily clips onto your sewing machine bobbin case latch
 to remove and install your bobbins.
 No more fumbling and breaking fingernails!
Size =   3/4"  x  6"
ORDER   EZ-BOB     $14.95

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